Company Outlook 2021 Engagement 

Company Outlook 2021 Engagement had broadcasted via Microsoft Team Virtual Connect for all regions from Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu, Sarawak and Sabah was attended by COO Ir. Ahmad Nazwan Mat Zin, Head of Engineering  Ir. Azan Zainudin and all HOD’s and Managers on last 15th March 2021. The ceremony began with prayer recitation and continued with a brilliant message from Ir. Ahmad Nazwan Mat Zin. He emphasizes the Company Outlook 2021 Progress and Way Forward, complete with 3 to 5 years look ahead until Question and Answer from the end of the session had sparked the engagement session.

The ceremony continued with Award Recognition starting from SPOT! ON – Company Best Employee (KL region) and Best Group (Kerteh region) for the year 2020, 5 Years of Service Award Recognition, UCUA, and HSE Campaign Award Recognition. We would like to congratulate all 13 winners from HQ, regional offices, and participants who have involved in SPOT! ON and HSSE Campaign. The ceremony was conducted according to SOP with social distancing enforced and attendees were required to wear masks at all times in an effort to combat COVID-19.

We would like to thank all attendees and crews for the ceremony and let’s push forward throughout demonstrated endless support towards achieving the company’s goal. Cheers!